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Friendly Notice: Google Play Music & YouTube Red Free 4 Month Trial

In celebration of Independence Day (USA), Google is offering a free four month trial for Google Play Music & YouTube Red.

You can take advantage of this very generous offer by heading over to Google Play Music and clicking Subscribe.


I’m going to go out on a limb and saying this is only available for users in the USA, given it is for the 4th of July holiday. Sound off in the comments if you’re outside the USA and can take advantage of this offer.

As reported by 9to5 Google:

Play Music normally costs $9.99 every month for full access to Google Play’s fairly extensive music library as well as access to YouTube Red, putting the value of this deal at about $40. Once signed up you won’t be charged at all through early-November when the standard $9.99 monthly fee will commence. You should also be able to upgrade to the family plan once the trial has ended.

They also mention that if you ever signed up for Google Play Music or YouTube Red (and then cancelled your subscription) that you’re not eligible for this 4 month trial.

But, when I originally purchased my chromebook (less than 2 years ago) I received a free 3 month trial to Google Play Music, which I cancelled when the free trial was over. I was able to take advantage of this new 4 month trial offer.


Feel free to share other 4th of July freebies of the digital and physical kind that you know of in the comments.

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