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Friendly Notice: Huawei SnapTo lightning sale!

Amazon is currently having a lightning sale on the Huawei SnapTo phone.


The best way to describe this phone is basically saying it’s the equivalent of the new Moto E, but with a slightly bigger screen and a better camera that includes flash.

Beyond that everything else is mostly the same, minus the whole Android Kit Kat 4.4 thing. I can confirm for sure that the Moto E will be getting the Lollipop update, I can’t say the same for this device.

The phone itself normally goes for $180, but for the next few hours you can pick one up for $140. Which ain’t too shabby.

Is it for everyone? Heck no! Is it for that relative of yours who has an ancient device they’re always complaining about and who desperately needs a new phone but makes my brother look cheap (and he’s cheap as hell as it is)? Totally!


Huawei is an up and comer in the smartphone market, they sell devices that sell well outside the U.S., it’s just their entry into the U.S. market that has been lackluster. That said, those smartphone manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi are poised to make a seriously play in the U.S. market relatively soon and they’re nipping at the heels of more established OEMs already in quite a few other markets.

Your call to make. Buy it or don’t, but you can’t say you weren’t alerted by me as to the deal.

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