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Guys/gals, I'm throwing this one up because I have a friend who I'd purchased a Moto G LTE for some time back who recently got the Lollipop update and installed it.

This is to say one thing, if you've got relatives/friends who aren't tech savvy and they report issues with their new devices get as much info as you can on what happened and what they were doing when they say things started acting up or their device went crazy.

I've been tinkering with devices for years now and I routinely sideload OTA updates. My friend, who I know for a fact does not know anything about Android devices beyond how to use them and who routinely turns to her "expert" friend (aka a guy who I honestly want to punch in the face for all the bad advice and info he gives her which she naively at best or fucking retardedly at worst believes completely), reported that the Lollipop update wiped all her music from her phone.


I've done so many updates over the past month that I know that's bullshit. The only time any wiped anything on my phone were when I wiped my phone myself entirely. By which I mean I flashed factory images. Data does not get wiped during a routine update to the OS. Period. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying or misinformed.

So yeah, if you have anyone bringing up "issues", get as much info from them as possible and if need be feel free to hit me up and inquire about things.

I can also say that on some devices after the Lollipop update you or they will notice some lag and slowdown, a factory reset will fix that. Side note, anyone (ahem my friend) who says that factory resets do not fix things is fucking stupid. If YOU see this, I apologize for calling you stupid but seriously, who knows more about this kind of stuff? You or me? If I'm saying it'll fix it, it'll fucking fix it. And seriously, if the issues you're having are "so bad you have to use an old phone" then maybe you should, you know, fix it the way I'm telling you to. Backup your stuff, factory reset your phone, put your stuff back, PROFIT! /end passive aggressive rant

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and all that and maybe one day we all will have friends and family versed enough to not pose risk to themselves or their devices. Because...


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