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I don't have a link to this, but in a similar fashion to U.S. users getting LotR free and U.K. citizens getting Sherlock Holmes, you lucky Canadians are getting perhaps the greatest Christmas film ever for free. NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION!

I guess you can go directly to the movie's Play Store link to grab it. If I click that it shows I have to pay for it. Thanks, but no thanks. I instead just ripped my copy from a DVD I have and threw it on my phone.


If by some "where the hell have you been?!" chance you've not seen the movie at all in your life then first off there's something wrong with you and secondly you need to watch this movie right the hell now. Don't question me. Don't go to work. Stay home, just find a copy of this movie and watch it.

UPDATE: So the list of what you get depending on where you love courtesy of umataro42 courtesy of reddit and Phandroid is as follows.

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