For those unfamiliar with Dead Zebra, it is a website through which numerous Android related goodies (little statues and stickers and what have you) can be found and purchased.

I've written about them and one of their Heroes and Villains sets before.

In keeping with the season a new figurine is available in limited quantities. Lucky Lucy!


The figure itself has "two sides" so to speak, a front and back, with one having a friendly look on its face and the other ready to rip your face off (as cat's are want to do according to my best friend).

The figure itself goes for $10 and for an additional $3 before hitting add to cart you can get a display case (there are four to choose from) to store and display it in.


Buying any display case separately will cost you $5 a pop. Just FYI. So if you want one just add it along with the figure and save yourself some cash.

For those wondering, the grand total (with the fastest shipping option) comes to $19.90. (I would know because I scooped up one of these myself at exactly 10 AM when the figure went on sale. Another great use for a smartwatch! Reminders on your wrist that you see and feel right away!)


If you're interested in picking one up do so immediately. These tend to sell out fast and once they go they're gone!

In unrelated news, tomorrow I will have some delicious treats for you all in Wednesday's Android Update post. Delicious treats! Given what the recent posts have been about you can let your imaginations wander as to just what goodies I've got in store for you. Suffice it to say you will enjoy them all!