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Alright, I was gonna save this for tomorrow but I'm up still and just finished cleaning my TV area and setting up some new equipment I got earlier today. So I said "fuck it" and decided to fire up my computer to check things out that I set up and figured I'd do the post while at it.

First up, if you have a Chromecast, fire it up and then do the same for the Chromecast app. Once you've connected to your device, click on the three dots on the top right and click on "check offers". It'll take a few seconds and then want to launch your browser, let it do so. Seeing all kinds of results across old and newly purchased Chromecasts for people, so what you see may vary from what I saw. I got X-Men in HD, which was really the only thing that caught my eye that I didn't already have or am already paying for. Some people are seeing Play Store credit, some are see a lot of Play Store credit and so on and so forth. It is varying incredibly so looks like you'll have to check to see what you got waiting for you.

In additional game related sales news: Republique is going for $0.99. Can't remember what it's original price was, but I know it was enough to make me hesitate on pulling the trigger on buying the first episode of three (the other two are already out and available for purchase in-app at this point in time). At this price point I picked it up though. I now have far too many games I need to play and soon.


In related news, far more icons packs than I'd like are going for $0.99. I'm not even going to link to them. I can't see them all right now. No way. I buy far too many as it is and some I've been eyeing are also on sale. Ugh. I just know that by the time noon rolls around tomorrow I'll have at least half a dozen new ones on my phone. Damnit!

In unexpected news, Knights of the Old Republic dropped into the Play Store seemingly out of nowhere and is going for $4.99. That's discounted 50% according to the Play Store listing, so pick it up while it's discounted. Also, holy shit is it a big file. 2.4+ gigs at least. Seems to me like they "spared no expense" to quote John Hammond from Jurassic Park.

Beyond that I got nothing and now it's time to do a few other things before calling it a night.

Hopefully I won't have to do another one of these type of posts tomorrow. I'll do it if necessary, but goddamnit Google cut me and my wallet some freaking slack! You're killing me with the sales!


And on that note, to all a goodnight!

UPDATE! At least three apps on my wish list and/or that I already own went on sale just now!


Need for Speed Most Wanted – $0.75 from $4.99

NBA JAM – $0.75 from $4.99

XCOM: Enemy Within – $6.99 from $12.99

I'll definitely be picking up XCOM as I've had that on my wish list since it hit the Play Store but I just couldn't justify the price to myself. Damn the torpedoes/my debit card!

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