If you’re at all interested on a decent phone on the cheap Amazon currently has the Moto E on sale for between $90 - $100 depending on the model you select. Worth noting that regular price on any of these models is $120 across the board, so you’re saving between $20 and $30. Not much, but it might be just enough to justify getting the phone if you need a new phone or want to get one for a friend or relative.

What’s special about this phone?

Well, first off it one ups the current generation Moto G (for U.S. versions at least) in that it comes in an LTE variant. (Some countries have a 2nd generation Moto G with LTE, but the United States doesn’t. For once you’ve got one up on us.) There is a catch with it though, the LTE version comes with 4 GB of internal storage. That leaves, not much room for anything. Of course the phone does have expandable storage via a microSD card, so pop one in and you’re set for your tunes or videos or whatever. (Keeping in mind that Android M should be announced come October and officially be released by November and it will allow for you to treat external storage as internal and vice versa. So in a few months you’ll be able to install up to 32 GB of apps. Which is the “officially supported” storage capacity for the phone. Although you can inset a 64 GB microSD card, you’re just on your own if you have issues with it. Motorola won’t help you out. So keep that in mind. They set a limit for a reason.)


Beyond that there’s little differentiating the LTE version from the 3G versions of the phone. Same display sizes, chips inside, gig of RAM, and so on. They all run Lollipop. If memory serves me correctly 5.1 has already rolled out for the phone. I think. I could check but eh. The mouse is so far from where my hand is. I can’t spare the energy required to reach for it. I mean I could sit up, but again “eh”.

Honestly, if you or a friend or relative aren’t doing much more than reading/replying to text messages and emails, answering or making calls, surfing the web a little, or listening to the occasional tune or podcast here and there then this is a great phone for you. It’s new, has decent support from both Motorola and the tinkering community, and isn’t that pricey.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention these versions require you be on a carrier who uses SIM cards. So if you’re with Sprint or Verizon or any other CDMA using provider you’re S.O.L. There are worse phones you can buy, trust me on that.