You can get them here. They tend to go fast so grab one while you can if you're interested, otherwise I might have two to spare if anyone wants them and they're already gone.

The discount will knock $140 off the price of the current Moto X. To be more specific that's the unlocked and off contract Pure Edition (2014) Moto X.

Verizon users will be able to get their Moto X for $0.01 for the 16 GB model or $50.01 for the 32 GB model.

Keeping in mind these are Moto Maker designed per your customization options and choosing devices, so you make it the way you want it.

I've covered just all the customization options there are when you go the Moto Maker route before, so give that a lookover if you're at all interested.


Best of luck to everyone in regards to snagging a code if you're in the market for a new kickass device that's already rocking Lollipop/