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Friendly Notice: Moto X (2nd Gen.) Sale!

Just FYI, folks, Motorola is currently having a ridiculous sale on the Moto X that is already live and ends tomorrow at 10:59 AM CST. (For future reference in case I forget to add it, thanks Ruthless for catching that!, all Motorola sales start and end in accordance with the time at Motorola headquarters, which is located in Chicago and that means Central Standard Time.)


If you’re in need of a new phone you can get a Moto Maker version of the Moto X in a 32 GB version for $349.99 or a 64 GB version for $374.99. Actually, it’s better to state that they start at those prices, as any options you select when designing your own (as in leather/wooden backs/etc or whatnot will add to the price).

I’ve written about the device before, as it’s my personal daily driver and has been since I got it back in October.

Doctor Lizardo himself picked one up, as did crashed, and I believe they both enjoy theirs as well.


There aren’t many devices I’d recommend over this one. Definitely not at that price point at least.

Edit. Also throwing this out there, the phone is currently running Android Kit Kat 4.4.4 out of the box. However, Lollipop 5.1 is rolling out to the phone between this week and next week if what I’ve read is correct. Honestly I’m not 100% sure and I kind of forget that not everyone signs up for the Motorola Feedback Network like I do. Although if you are an owner of Motorola device or soon will be then I highly suggest you sign up for the Motorola Feedback Network and everything you need to do that can be found at this link. (Seriously, kids, visit the link if you own a Motorola device or get one soon. That is how you get invited to participate in soak tests! Which means “that is how you get early software updates”. Although if you do that and you do get invited to participate in any soak tests then don’t be one of those people. Don’t leak info of said soak tests to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. They were really disappointed in multiple leaks fairly recently and they’re rethinking the entire process because of a handful of people not being able to stfu about something they voluntarily agreed to stfu about.)


Edit 2. There is also a sale already underway and ending on May 12th, 2015 at 10:59 AM CST for the Moto 360!


Visit the following link and design a Moto 360 of your own.


Edit. Apologies for some confusion on my part folks. The device is $179.99 and that is with the discount already applied. Still, that’s not a bad price considering originally it went for $249.99.

Of all the Android Wear devices out at the moment the Moto 360 is in my opinion the one that looks best and I’m not just saying that because I’ve had mine since they went live on Motorola’s site and I managed to get my order in relatively early on.

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