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Friendly Notice: Moto X orders partially delayed

So just a heads up to anyone who has ordered the Moto X (via the Moto Maker website) or is planning to.


I received an email yesterday and a phone call shortly thereafter, which was really unexpected but actually kind of nice and awesome, alerting me that currently there are some component shortages and delays that are affecting any orders already placed or soon to be placed. Namely in the form of "we've received your order, we're short on some of the parts we need and that means it'll take a bit longer to get to you".

This delay per my specific order has affected shipping of my new Moto X by a little under week. I was scheduled to receive it this coming Monday and will instead receive it by Friday.

the lady I spoke with over the phone, who was beyond nice (and thus I was nice to in return), apologized profusely for the delay and told me I'd be given a promo code to use the next time I place any order.


I personally got a promo code for $25 off my next order, which isn't much given what I spend on Motorola's website, but something is better than nothing. Although I heard a few reports that some people got $50 promo codes. Either way, still a great gesture on Motorola's part.

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up. Also, to kind of point out how nice that is of Motorola to actually go out of their way to individually alert people and not just by email, a personal phone call too. I deal with a lot of customer representatives cause of work and it is a rare company indeed who'll do something like that for you. So kudos to Motorola for going above and beyond.


Also, semi related, I am loving the hell out of my Moto 360 and if you didn't see my post on it already, I have updated it a bit since putting it up Saturday. You can view it here. (Also, sweet buddah! It's got almost 10,000 views so far. That's slowly closing in on my Moto G LTE review which hit like 16,000. Both of which are insane numbers compared to my regular posts. You glorious bastards are probably why Android Authority liked my application enough to ask some follow-up questions. Thanks a ton!)


And, like usual, you can expect a review on my new device with a day or two of receiving it. I know what the current Moto X can do, so the new one should hold few if any real surprises. Although waking it up with a different phrase is one I look forward to, as well as pretending I'm a Force user by waving my hands to silence calls. (Yes, I know some phones can do that already! But none that I care for! So ha!)

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