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Friendly Notice: Motorola and Anker Deals

Hmm, seems today two great companies are having some incredible deals.

Up first is Motorola. If you purchase the Moto E and add 2 shells to your cart as well then upon checkout you'll get the shells for free.


I've written about the Moto E before and for anyone needing a phone that doesn't cost more than $120 I'd be hard pressed to recommend anything else.

Hell, even if you don't know someone who needs a phone this would also make a pretty decent portable media player. It does support 32 GB microSD cards out of the box. (It can read 64 GB microSD cards, but those aren't officially supported and as such if there's any issues you're on your own with them and that's why I will never flat out state "it can read 64 GB microSD cards".) Throw your tunes, movies, books and comics on the microSD card and you're set. For $119 and change you can certainly do worse in that regard.

Meanwhile over on Amazon Anker has got a sweet deal going on as well. (One which I am seriously annoyed at the lack of funds to take advantage of.)


If you buy Anker 60W 6-port USB Desktop Charger ($35.99) you can get the Anker Astro E1 5,200mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger/External Battery for free. (The latter comes in black or white and normally retails for $19.99)


To take advantage of the deal get both items into your shopping cart and when checking out use FE1BLACK or FE1WHITE (depending on which color you go with) for the Promo Code.

If any additional deals pop up throughout the day I'll update the post accordingly. If you're in the market for either of these things (a phone or desktop charger/battery pack) then I highly suggest you pick these up today as I have no idea how long these deals will last.


My app/developer review should be going up later today. On a related note, I already spoke with the developer and he's given me permission to share some of his older icon packs with you all. My condition to him being "they can have access to them for the day and then I'm revoking access to the APK files in my Google Drive". He said that was fair and cool with him. So once that goes up take advantage while you can and if you dig the icon packs be sure to buy the Play Store versions so you can get updates like I do. Expect that to be up before 3:30 PM CST (which gives me plenty of time to goof off and be lazy meanwhile.)

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