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Friendly Notice: Motorola is having an accessories clearance sale!

You can visit this link here for the handful of items currently on sale, all going for less than $10.

Items worth checking out are as follows.

Universal (microUSB) Power Pack going for $9.99. For those wondering about the capacity, it is 1420 mAh. For less than $10 that isn't bad, it'd make the perfect on the go external charger to throw in your work bag, school backpack or purse or European carry all.


Flip Stand (aka universal tablet/smartphone stand) going for $9.99. For those who want something they can prop their phone or tablet on and still be readily accessible/viewable then you need look no further. This is the one to own. If only because of the look, I dare say I've seen nothing like it before and I'm almost tempted to pick one up for the hell of it. (The fact that the NVIDIA Tablet was unveiled today and I might pre-order one is irrelevant.)

Micro USB to HDMI Cable (15 feet) for $2.99. This one really needs no explanation but I'll give it anyway because you should never underestimate human stupidity or what any given person does or does not know. It's a cable to hook your phone up to your TV, a really long one (that's what she said!). At that price it's basically a steal. Perfect for those who don't have a Chromecast or similar item to stream stuff from their phone to their television(s).


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