I so rarely get to post about sales that aren’t U.S. only that when this one popped up on my radar I had to do a double take because I almost didn’t believe it wasn’t a U.S. specific sale.

So for those of you “across the pond” to quote one of my favorite sayings ever and in need of a new phone Motorola has got a real treat for you.

You can see it in the screenshot above. None of those numbers mean squat to me as an American and I for one refuse to put in the effort required to do the conversions to check what they are in U.S. currency. All I know is there appears to be a clear discount and that’s good enough to share.

If at all interested in taking advantage of this extremely limited sale (it ends at 11:59 PM tomorrow and I have no clue what time zone that counts for but let’s assume it’s whatever time zone the U.K. falls in) please visit this link to get your purchase on.


UPDATE! This deal also applies to those in France.


If you’re in France you can visit this link here to get your deal on.

I’ve been using the Moto X (2nd Gen.) since pretty much day 1 of release (I ordered mine as soon as they accepted pre-orders and got it about a month after due to various delays) and I will continue to recommend it until the next version comes along.


That said, the Nexus 6 is no slouch either and while I haven’t written a review of it I did use the phone for a weekend and absolutely loved it. It’s essentially a slightly bigger version of the Moto X, minus the great Motorola software that comes on the Moto X (namely Moto Voice/Assist/Display/Etc.). Although some of that is replaced with relatively equivalent versions by Google (namely “Ok Google” to replace Moto Voice and Ambient Display to replace Motorola’s “Active Display”).

You could do much worse than buy either of those two phones if you’re in the market for a new one. Also, the Moto 360 is definitely the best looking Android Wear device out there, which I have also been using since pretty much day 1.


Anyway, that’s all I got for now. If there’s any questions or anything just let me know and I’ll do my best to address whatever.