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Friendly Notice: Motorola savings for all!

That folks is straight from the horse's mouth. If you didn't manage to snag a promo code the other day (and just FYI, I've got two I can give to whoever wants them) Motorola is still going to do you a solid and let you have $100 off whatever from their site (excluding the Nexus 6) if you spend $499.99 or more up until February 14th (aka "forever alone" day).

If you're in need of a new phone for yourself, a significant other or anyone else in your life you can certainly do worse than something built by Motorola.


I've bought, used and reviewed basically everything they've made since the start of their new found success and I heartily recommend any of their phones (and sole smart watch) to anyone even remotely interested in them or in serious need of a new device. You really could do worse (looking at you Samsung, what with your TouchWiz laden devices and bloatware and gimmicky non-useful features galore).

Moto X (2nd Gen.) review can be found here.


Moto G LTE (1st Gen.) review can be found here.


Moto E (1st Gen.) review can be found here.


Moto 360 review can be found here.


Beyond that, like I said, this is good for one and all just remember to get your order in before Valentine's Day. Or "forever alone" day if you prefer. To each their own!

Also, like I said further above, I have two promo codes up for grabs for anyone who wants them that'll get you $140 off on Motorola's site. Maybe even three. Don't ask for them if you don't plan on using them though, let those who definitely plan on ordering something have them.

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