I mentioned Friday that the Nexus 6 had been steeply discounted via Amazon and now it appears the same has happened at Best Buy. The 32 GB model is now discounted to $349.99 there as well, although the 64 GB model itself hasn’t been reduced in price oddly enough.

You can visit this link to get your order on. Keeping in mind three additional things.

You can always order online and pick one up at your nearest Best Buy assuming they have any in stock, which beats waiting for it to ship from Amazon.

Additionally, Best Buy does price matching if memory serves me correctly. So if you show them Amazon’s price for say the 64 GB model they’ll match it. Although if you go this route I highly recommend you print out the exact page with the price, I’ve had some reps claim they couldn’t find a link or see the price I mentioned more than once. And that includes for items on Best Buy’s website!


And again this is for the unlocked version of the device, which is the model that you can pop any SIM card into and use as is. Carrier specific models are not discounted or included in this.

Two of the biggest retailers on and offline and both discounting pretty heavily a phone that is definitely worth more? Oh yeah, new Nexus devices incoming and very soon!


On a related note, additional photos have “leaked” of the new LG Nexus showing it much more clearly and in full (minus the front).


And just when I had made up my mind about getting the new Moto X with the Charcoal Ash back. Goddamnit!