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Friendly Notice: Nexus 6/LG G Watch R and new Moto 360s!

Nexus 6

As of yesterday, which I mentioned in my regular Wednesday Android Update post, Google is officially going to be restocking the Nexus 6 every Wednesday so people can get their orders in.


The bad news about that, even though it should be good news, is that Nexus devices always have been popular with those who know about them and as such they still sell insanely quickly. In this particular case the Nexus 6 sold out in no time flat on Day 1, the same applied yesterday when it was restocked.

That's not counting the issues faced when you can get one in your cart, at which point you have to hope Google Wallet doesn't act up because of the load and that Google's servers can take the punishment from the teeming masses and you can actually pay for your device and that's assuming it doesn't disappear from your cart entirely when you're ready to pay.

(Please note that the attached screenshot was not taken by me on my device. I know I'm the gadget guy around here but I've had far too many purchases as of late to even justify buying this one to myself just yet. Come Christmas though... maybe.)

Today's friendly notice is that Motorola has basically decided enough is enough and is officially selling the Nexus 6 themselves, well pre-orders for it better said.


Well, in the immortal words of Pink, "I got some bad news for you, Sunshine." Pre-orders from Motorola or not, you'll still be hard pressed to get a Nexus 6 any time soon. That's only half the battle, the other half is determining if there's any in stock when you attempt to check out.


Prices remain the same for the device. The 32 GB model is going for $649.99 and the 64 GB model is going for $699.99. On the bright side, if you want the latest Nexus device and don't have the cash to get it you can always apply for Motorola Credit. (Or make your siblings do the same if you believe in cash only and they're game for accepting payments from you.)

UPDATE! The Nexus 6 is now available in the play store in 12 other countries, according to Android Police. Country availability and prices are below (I am too lazy to update with further prices throughout the day as they're shared online, hit up the source if you're in any of those countries or chime in with prices in the comments for this post.)

  1. Australia – $869 w/tax (32GB) $929 w/o tax (64GB)
  2. Belgium - 649€ )32GB); 699€ (64GB)
  3. Canada – $749 (32GB); $799 (64GB)
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. India – Rs.44,000 (32GB); Rs.49,000 INR (64GB)
  7. Italy
  8. Japan
  9. Netherlands
  10. Spain
  11. Sweden – 6295 SEK (32GB); 6795 SEK (64GB)
  12. United Kingdom – £499 (32GB); £549 (64GB)

Moving on.

LG G Watch R


The LG G Watch R is the first "fully round" Android Wear device, although that fully round display comes at a cost. In more way than one. First off, based on reviews I've read (to spare you the reading) the device is noticeably bigger (and thus less sleek) than the Moto 360, it also comes in at a price that is $50 more. This makes the LG G Watch R the most expensive Android Wear device to date at a whopping $299.99.

Is it worth the price for that fully round (non-flat tire) display? In my opinion, no. More so given the static whatever around the display that only works with a number of its 28 included watch faces, which kind of makes it subjectively ugly when used in conjunction with any watch faces it doesn't go well with. (For an example of what I'm talking about see the picture below. Hideous, right?)


But to each their own. I don't like it, you might and that's your prerogative. I could so add that Britney Spears video here but I like to think I'm better than that. But just barely.


If you're interested in the device hit up the Play Store and take a gander at it for yourself.

For additional information on the device be sure to check out Android Police's review of it.


UPDATE! Motorola has some new Moto 360s coming our way, with new bands and colors (and soon more apps and watch faces, which will be released/updated via the Moto Connect app)!


With the exception of the Champagne Gold Finish (Stainless Steel Case and 18 mm Slim Metal Band), the additional watches (Dark Finish/Stainless Steel Case/23 mm Metal Band, Light Finish/Stainless Steel Case/23 mm Metal Band and Light Finish/Stainless Steel Case/18 mm Metal Slim Band) will all be available for $299.99, with each having an availability of 1 per customer.

More info and pics can be found on Motorola's Moto 360 store page.


As for what else Motorola is bringing to us Moto 360 owners, well see for yourselves with the attached screenshots.

That watch face. The one just to the left of this. Oh yeahhhh. That is nice and I voted for it when it was up for a vote ages ago it seems. I can't wait to rock it, especially now with the latest Android Wear software update that allows you to hide notifications so you can fully see any and all watch faces without it/them being in the way. Damn that looks nice.


Also, sounds like the Moto 360 is getting its own official version of the already popular and well loved Facer app. Watch faces you can customize to your liking!

This is some seriously unexpected but very welcome news!

EDIT: And yeah, those slimmer bands definitely sound like they're being made with women in mind. I know a few people who read these posts have commented to the effect that most offerings so far appear to be made with men solely in mind. Looks like Motorola has taken notice and is now making the appropriate offerings for those with slimmer wrists.


Attaching a few pics so people can see what it looks like on even my relatively not so big wrist.


So there you have it, folks. the Nexus 6 can be pre-ordered elsewhere and is available through the Play Store in other countries, LG has officially released their "Moto 360 killer" (that phrase officially just having been created in an attempt at mockery of the device by me just now) for purchase and Motorola has unveiled and not quite released new designs of the Moto 360, some of which don't look shabby at all (but I am so sticking with my black leather one).

Is it 4:30 PM yet? I want to go home, there are books that need reading.

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