Google recently had a $20 discount on the Nexus Player bringing it down to $79.99. Best Buy has one upped Google and discounted the Nexus Player by an additional $10, so you can pick one up (online or in-store) for $69.99. That does include free shipping if you order online.

I actually used one over the weekend, as in tinkering with it and used it, and it doubles up as a Chromecast device. Which is awesome because HBO Go and numerous other apps correctly do not work on it as is, although support is coming (HBO Go, Max Go, Fox Now, and FX Now to name but a few).

And if you want to know just how awesome the Nexus Player is once you start truly messing around with it then look no further than the texts my brother sent me the other night.


I should add he is currently unemployed and looking for work, which explains the whole “3 days of my life wasted” thing. He’s free to bum around doing absolutely nothing, which usually involves bothering me to burn him movies and shows and whatnot. So the plus side of him picking up a Nexus Player is I’m free from having to download and/or burn him anything further going forward. Well, that and he paid me with a pizza be went out and bought and goddamn am I a sucker for pizza.

Some of you might be wondering, “Hmm, what is this Kodi your brother mentions?” And I will answer that question and any others, assuming you leave them here, in my review of the Nexus Player which will go up tomorrow. (There is one downside to the device but it only affects you if you plan to do anything more than light gaming with it. But like I said, review will be up tomorrow.)

Meanwhile, Groupon is currently selling a refurbished Google Chromecast for $35@


You can get the deal via this link.

Personally, we have three of these in the house all purchased new at $35 a pop from Best Buy. Including mine which I bought Day 1 as soon as they had them in store.


If you’ve got an Android/ios phone/tablet or a computer with Chrome installed on it you can cast pretty much anything (via apps with built in Chromecast support or via the Google Cast extension for Chrome).

It’s a great little device and at $20 it’s truly a steal.