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Nova Launcher Prime ($0.99 down from $4.99) is currently on sale and for those unfamiliar it is a third party launcher available for Android and my goodness can it take something as simple as how you interact with your homescreen or app drawer and turn you into a power user in no time flat!

I’ve written an entire piece about it before.


Also, wow. That is an old post! I wrote that back in the Jelly Bean days it seems based on the screenshots therein. But nothing much has changed beyond how you set it as your launcher of choice. Hitting home will allow you to set Nova as your choice for “always use” and Bob’s your uncle at that point.

But hey, don’t believe me about why you should be using this? Check out my current homescreen setup below.

Nothing too fancy about it, right? Wrong! You wouldn’t know just by looking but I can access an additional 12 apps just by swiping up on those visible icons there.


And gestures? Don’t even get me started on how useful gestures are. I honestly can’t use other people’s devices anymore because I immediately start trying to perform gestures and get frustrated when nothing happens until I remember that not many people use third party launchers.

Honestly, that’s all pretty tame as far as customizing my homescreen goes. You all should see some of the ridiculous setups I’ve had that were all but impossible to understand by anybody not familiar with just how far you can go with a third party launcher. Add something like Kustom Live Wallpaper to the mix on top of Nova Launcher and the sky is the limit as to what you can do.


If you honestly want just a general idea of what you can do with something like Nova Launcher then I implore you to pay a visit to /r/androidthemes, just don’t do so regularly because you’ll end up changing your setup at best once a week and at worst seeveral times a day whenever you see something that catches your eye.

I could go on and on about how amazing this app is but you should really just buy it as is and investigate it for yourselves. At $4.99 it’s well worth paying fullprice for, at a buck it’s pretty much a steal and definitely worth shelling out for.


Also I know I had said I would start up my regular weekly post again and do so consistently but I clearly haven’t the past few weeks and there’s a reason for that: I quit my job! Some of you know about this, but since I’ve done so I’ve been doing some work from home and just generally out and about having fun and networking and applying for work and so I haven’t been online much. Here or on Twitter or anything else really, but I promise you’ll get one come Friday. I’ve taken care of the one serious interview I was scheduled to do this week earlier today (it went amazingly well!) and a few phone calls for others so I’m basically done looking for work for the remainder of this week and can get to writing a post for Friday. Yay!

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