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Somehow I don't think I've mentioned the OnePlus One before, only in passing here or there between myself and a few of the other people on here who love all things Android and semi-regularly upgrade our phones.

So here is how it works you have literally two hours left to get in your pre-order in and you can do so here. Although in not so surprising OnePlus One anything related news there are currently issues. Namely in the form of good luck getting your pre-order in. Remember my issues with the new Moto X pre-order? Think that.


Why is this news worth sharing? Because the OnePlus One had one of the worst "you can buy it now!" marketing sales techniques or whatever I've ever had the privilege of hearing about. Does anyone here love the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film Jingle All The Way? Do you remember the scene in the mall when he finds out they have a batch of Turbo Man dolls? I am specifically referring to the scene that led to this gem.

Yeah, that's how the OnePlusOne sales went originally. "Why yes, you can purchase our low priced and relatively high end phone. All you have to do is earn an invite!" The process for that went from "completely random giveaways of invites to people on the forums" to "smash your phone and you'll maybe earn an invite" (which later became "do NOT actually smash your phone" because people just assumed that by breaking their phones and filming it they would get one... which is retarded on their part and on the part of whoever thought up that marketing stunt) to one that was basically, and I hate that I'm even having to say this, "show us your boobs". Yes, you read that right. It wasn't actually "show us your boobs", but it was close enough. (For the record the actual thing was "Are you a woman? If not, fuck off. If so, why hello. Interested in an invite? Send us a sexy selfie and maybe you'll get one. Maybe." I may have put that in terms they didn't, but I swear that was the actual thing they did. "Send us a sexy selfie." Also, "selfie" is a word I will always hate and a curse on whoever invented it. I am 29 years old and I hate that word. Get off my lawn by the way!)

So yeah, this is a pretty big deal. Except the OnePlus One is no longer the "flagship killer" that it was originally unveiled and thought to be. There have been numerous issues from screens appearing yellow (and that being seeing as "not a manufacturing defect, so you pay and we'll replace it") to issues with custom backs (that were so horrible to the building of the device that they pulled that as an option entirely) and a few other things that really gave myself and a number of others pause as to even considering purchasing a device. Plus the whole "devices just keep getting better and better pretty goddamn regularly" thing. So while it was an insane device when it came out, it isn't necessarily one now. At least not when compared to other flagship devices that have been released since then. A few months can make a world of difference in the tech world.

As for the phone itself, it isn't bad, assuming you get one that is spot on and not issue prone. Giz has a pretty good review of the device itself. Although I personally prefer Android Police's review, OnePlus One With CyanogenMod 11S Review: The Best Flagship Phone You Can't Buy.


There's a reason it generated significant interest. It is a $300 off contract price phone that runs one of the most popular custom ROMs out there, CyanogenMod. For an additional $50 you can even get a 64 GB version. Is it still the beast of a phone it was (in comparison to other flagship devices) when it was released? Debatable. Some amazing devices have come out since then (Moto X and Nexus 6 being at the top of the list as far as I'm concerned). Is it still a seriously good phone? Yes, especially at that price point it has. More so given the fact that it's very tinkering friendly. (The whole CM thing and all that.)


I believe shadowstarr has it if I remember correctly and I'm sure he'll chime in with his two cents on the phone, since it's one of the few flagships I've not had the privilege of playing around with personally (due to that whole invite thing).


So yeah, if you can get your pre-order in and have the $300 or $350 to spare then I suggest you do so. It's not a bad device by any means. It's just a pain in the ass to try and score an invite to get your pre-order in up until now. And the issues the device has had have been deleted as options or, hopefully, fixed by this point. Live pre-orders taking place and all, they damn well have better been fixed. We can forgive the server overload on the pre-order page, I mean if Motorola and Google can't take the hits they see on pre-order launch days I think we can cut OnePlus some slack.

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