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Friendly Notice: Play Store devices are dead, long live Google Store!

EDIT. This may not apply/be viewable to people outside of the United States, as a_blackpanther just brought to my attention. All I know is don't blame me. I voted for Kodos!

As of a short while ago you can no longer purchase devices through the Play Store. Google has replaced it with the Google Store instead.


As of writing this only relatively new devices are up, which means the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 are prominently seen on that link. Along with the various Android Wear devices (they each have their own link that can be found within that page, I'm not linking to all of them). The Nexus Player, Chromecast, and Nest Learning Thermostat can also be found there.

Along with something new.

The Chromebook Pixel 2015!

Although it is available in a different form this time around, namely there's more than one option and the "cheap" model is by no means a slouch (and also slightly wallet friendlier).

Note the line at the top.

The "base" model comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 32 GB SSD.


It also comes with a wallet "friendly" price tag. $999.


The three Benjamins pricier option comes with an Intel Core i7, 16 GB of RAM and a 64 GB SSD.


Beyond that both models sport the latest Intel HD 5500 integrated graphics chip, as well as an original metal case design and a 3:2 touchscreen (with a resolution of 2560x1700). Oh and the battery has been upgraded to a "quick-charge model", which Google claims will get two hours of usage from a 15 minute charge. So it's Chromebook equivalent of Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology, which I've mentioned before as being fucking awesome. Purportedly it's also rated for 12 hours battery life, which is definitely not shabby.

Both models do sport the new Type C charger, which definitely makes it a first among notable laptops I've seen that include it. It's also got 4k video-out, two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card slot.


Shipping times have it listed as going out within 1 to 2 days, which is definitely awesome assuming you've got the scratch laying around to pick up one of these bad boys.

And that's your friendly notice for the day. Looks like we won't be seeing an update to the N5, which was something being rumored. The Nexus 6 is here to stay and it's got a new showroom to be displayed in all its glory (along with all its other Nexus and Google brethren).


EDIT. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post, but NEW subscribers to Google Play Music All Access can get in on that sweet, sweet music awesomeness for a discount. For the low price of $3 you can get All Access for three months. (Or to put it another way, pay $1 a month for each month. But you can only do this for three months.)

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