This is for people in the U.S. only, eBay currently has refurbished Nexus 7 (2013) models going for $139.95, which is a hell of a goddamn deal! More so since you can sideload the Lollipop update if it doesn't come with it out of the box.

These deals tend to be rather limited, in the "until supplies last" way, so if you're looking to pick up a tablet for yourself or someone for Christmas and don't want to spend too much this is the one to pick up.


There are quite a few people who love their Nexus 7 tablets, you could be one too!

For those unaware this is last year's official Nexus tablet from Google made by ASUS and it is definitely one to own if you don't already and don't want to pay too much for a new tablet.

Definitely a great item to have around the house or take out if you want to do some light reading during your lunch break at work or school or what have you. The one potential "negative" that might turn some of you off is the fact that it is a 16 GB non-user expandable storage device, meaning no microSD card slot. At that price though you really can't complain, it runs circles around the OG Nexus 7 for damn sure and it's selling for less than what the original cost if memory serves me correctly.

Anyway, that's your friendly notice related to Android for the day. In semi-related news I might do a new weekly Android related post. Wednesdays will still be the usual Wednesday Android Update, but you all might get Tinkering Thursdays starting this week or next. I'll play it by ear, which translates to "how lazy am I feeling today?" : P