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Friendly Notice: The Nexus program lives!

I'm posting this because my phone blew up last night from a friend who sent me every possible link that came his way when the news dropped. Rather than link to all of it, I just figured it'd be easier to do a friendly notice. Especially since a great many people on here have asked about the future of Nexus devices.

To quote the best line I've read on the subject and from the original story that broke the news over on ReadWrite: "Rumors of the demise of Google's Nexus line of "pure Android" devices have been greatly exaggerated. When Google launches the official release of the new version Android L later this year, expect a new Nexus device as well."


In an interview with David Burke, head of Android engineering and the Nexus program, it was stated unequivocally that every time Google releases a new version of Android it also announces a new Nexus device and the company plans to continue doing exactly that.

I think there is really one reaction we can all have to this news.

All of this, for those who aren't aware, came around because of a tweet posted by evleaks announcing Android Silver and another one saying there would be no Nexus 6. That led to wild speculation, a lot of which did in all fairness make sense and a great many people and sites ran with and lamented over the demise of the Nexus line of devices.

On the bright side, it looks like a great many of us (because even I was worried that it was dead) were wrong.


So long live the Nexus! Head over to check out the original article on ReadWrite for a bit more lines from the Burke regarding Nexus devices. It's a rather short but highly informative read.

I think all of us can really dig on the idea of a Nexus 6. Who knows, we might even luck out and get something "more human than human".

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