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Friendly Notice: The Wolf Among Us/The Walking Dead Season 2 on sale!

The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season 2 are both currently on sale. For those unaware the first episode of each is free to play, with the remaining four episodes of each going for $15 total.

As of today they are both discounted by 50% and you can pick up each game's full season for $7.

I have no idea how long this discount will last, but I will definitely be picking up both come Thursday when I get paid. Assuming the sale last that long.


For an idea of what you're getting yourself into if you aren't already familiar with any of Telltale Games up to this point, check out my review of Tales from the Borderlands.

These games are simply amazing and the fact that both of these are on sale, with both seasons already released in their entirety, is simply awesome. If you haven't played either, and I personally haven't started TWD just yet, I highly recommend you give the first episode of each a go and then buy the rest. You won't regret the purchase in either case. Trust me on that!

To further illustrate my point, I already own The Wolf Among Us for both my PS4 and my computer and I'm willing to pay for it once more on my phone. It's that good a game! I honestly want it for everything I game on.

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