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Friendly Notice: Unified Remote Full is Free Today!

This is one of those get it while you can type things. Today only when you download Unified Remote you'll get an automatic in-app upgrade to the Full version which normally goes for $3.99.

If you've never used the app then you don't know what you're missing. You can control your computer from your phone or tablet with it, provided you've got both on the same WiFi network and install the appropriate software for your OS. You can find said software here.

This is one of those apps I simply can't live without and you shouldn't either. Whether it's controlling Windows Media Player on my laptop (which is sending stuff to my TV via an HDMI cable), which is my main use for the app, or messing around with Google Music in Chrome (in those pre-Chromecast dark days of old) this app is beyond useful.


I've mentioned the app before the last time it was on sale.

Also, for those unaware rumor has it the Nexus 9 (and by default Android L whatever it ends up being named and right now "Licorice" is the one being teased and hinted at as to its name) should be unveiled in two days, just in time to steal the thunder from Apple's own iPad nonsense. If that rumor turns out to be true then you can expect Wednesday's Android Update to be Nexus 9 and Android L specific and informative about each!

Oh, I get my Moto X (2nd Generation) in sometime this week too. So expect a write-up on that as well soon.


Now if you'll excuse me, it's my day off and I'm catching up on my stories as a female friend likes to say. Except in my case it's Sleepy Hollow and other geeky shows, as opposed to the soap operas she watches.

You all take care and if you're off today then enjoy the day and if you're not sucks to be you! : P I'll be sure to have extra fun later today on you're behalf for those of you working or whatnot!

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