I was thinking of doing the usual Wednesday Android Update today, but we just had our company breakfast in the office and we're doing a lunch today too and frankly I'm too full to want to write. Goddamn Delia's! The tamales from there are practically homemade and beyond delicious and argh!

So you might get that post, you might not. If you get it then it's going to focus on apps worth checking out for your Lollipop updated phone (if you're one of those lucky enough to have gotten the update already) or your current and potentially even new phone (if you're upgrading soon).

Up first, in a not so shocking move, although it has me slightly miffed, Motorola is having a seriously awesome discount/sale going on come Cyber Monday. Are you ready for this?

The Moto X (2nd Gen.) will be going for $359! That's down from it's current $499+ price (price varies depending on options you select).

There is a catch though!

You have to visit this link here, which doesn't go live until 11 AM CST on December 1st. At that point you'll receive a promo code for $140 off the phone. Those who have service with Verizon can get an on contract version of the phone for a penny for the 16 GB model and $50.01 for the 32 GB model. Which is also insane! Plus 30% off ALL accessories purchased along with your new Moto X.


Actually there is another catch, that promo code has to be used by 11:59 PM CST of December 15th. That means you have two weeks to pull the trigger on getting a new and discounted Moto X before it goes back up to its regular price.

Have I mentioned that the Moto X (2nd Gen.) Pure Edition, which is the off contract and unlocked version of the device, has already received the Lollipop update? Well, it has. Also it makes an already amazing phone that much better.


And now the shameless self promotion of my own review of the device!


In semi related news, Amazon is having a killer deal going on for the LG G3 (from Sprint or AT&T). Buying it on contract (assuming you're eligible for the upgrade or opening a new line) will only cost you a penny. A PENNY! That's almost a nickel! We're talking open your own hotel kinda money!

LG G3 (AT&T) (Black 32 GB)

LG G3 (AT&T) (White 32 GB)

LG G3 (Sprint) (Black 32 GB)

LG G3 (Sprint) (Gold 32 GB)


Don't ask me where that info came from or how long the phone will be available at that price for. To be honest I stumbled upon it by accident, I was clicking something in Chrome but lazily and I missed what I meant to click and then somehow ended up on Amazon and on the LG G3 page that showed that. AMAZON ISN'T EVEN BOOKMARKED IN MY BROWSER!!!

But accidental find is your potential gain! Also, it's a really good phone. If I hadn't been waiting to see what the second generation Moto X was gonna bring to the table before it was released this is the phone I'd have picked up.


Speaking of Amazon, for all you readers out there, the Kindle Fire HD 6 is on sale via Best Buy's website sorta. Normally it retails for $99.99 (via Best Buy or Amazon), but if you enter the following promo code upon checkout then the price will drop $20. FIREHDDEAL

Speaking of Fire and sale, Amazon is having an (Amazon) Fire (Phone) sale!

Or in other words, the phone that flopped horribly is now available for $199 without a contract.


I wouldn't buy it or wish it on my enemies, but to each their own.

Not quite sales related, but still something to look into if you need it, the Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio is officially live and retails for $129.


And to quote the late Henry Ford, "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black." That is your color option for the keyboard folio and you will damn well like it if you want one!

And that's all I have for you today in regards to sales. Like I said earlier, you may or may not get your regular post today. You definitely won't be getting one tomorrow, cause I'm still without internet at home and also cause I lent my laptop out. Plus I'll be extremely lazy. You ever have Thanksgiving with a bunch of elder Mexican relatives? Those ladies can cook! And being the favorite nephew/grandchild has its perks, namely in the form of "hey, you bastards wait for the food, bangishotyou gets to eat now though". I may or may not be in a food induced coma for most of the day and as such Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in advance! And if you don't do Thanksgiving wherever you are, happy Thursday. Not that anyone can get the hang of Thursdays, amirite?