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Okay, so this is being given as a friendly reminder and I'll explain why first.

Over the past few days I've been dealing with a Gawkerverse troll/idiot outside the Gawkverse sites. This person, known offline as Jeff S (thanks for sending me shit from your personal email account buddy), started off by sending me a very moronic and juvenile email. I don't really care how he got my email address, the point is he did. I ignored him. He then emailed me again thanking me for ebombing his email. I did no such thing, my rule with most trolls online and offline is to ignore them. Any attempts to fight fire with fire or anything of the sort will not end well. They'll get upset and crank things up a notch. I told Jeff that I hadn't done any such thing and seeing as he emailed me with stupidity in the first place it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility that he'd likely done the same to others before me and someone likely got around to paying him back. I also asked him to leave me alone. Jeff responded by telling me "fuck you you arrogant prick". So it's safe to say I hit the nail on the head in regards to his having done this before and someone else paying him back. He then attempted to ebomb me. Suffice it to say Google has some of the best spam filters in the world, nothing came through. (Sorry buddy!) I asked him again to just leave me be, he has persisted. Although it's been almost 24 hours without seeing his emails in my Trash. (Filters, never thought I'd have to use them. Sorry, Jeff, I was aware of them but again no need for them til you came around. Also, it's not news about the NSA snooping or Google selling my info. Thanks for heads up though. Like most adults interested in technology I'm aware of the obvious though and really now, I think someone emailing from a Live account really shouldn't try to explain security or lack thereof to others. MSN/Hotmail/Live's spam filters and security protections are a joke.)

So that brings me to the point of this post. There are some incredibly shitty and obnoxious people online, a great many find their way to the Gawkerverse sites. Everyone reading this has likely run into at least one at one point on this or other sites. That said, the worst ones are the ones that hound you and the ones worse than that are the ones that think they're clever. They actually aren't, they just think they are. There's a difference.


But there are some bad people out there online and off and I think it is important to remind everyone here that if you aren't using 2 Factor Authentication where it is available you put yourself at risk for having accounts hijacked. There's the story of the @N Twitter account hijacking and there's the Apple/Amazon security flaws that led to some serious hacking related disasters for one Wired writer and a great many others.

Don't let that happen to you when and where you can avoid it. Enable 2 Factor Authentication. Here is a very good link that lists a number of sites you can enable this and how to do so. I can't understate enough how important it is to do so just on general principle. EDIT: Here is an even more comprehensive list of sites that support 2 Factor Authentication, as well as which ones don't and how you can contact them to tell them to support it.

It might be an annoyance to setup in some cases for some, but at the end of the day your online security is surely worth the few minutes or even hour tops inconvenience it'll take to enable this on your various online accounts.


And remember, using the same email account and password login across numerous sites is just bad security. One leak/hack and that is effectively out in the open and it has happened before. And it's worth noting that your privacy and the security of your information really is a non-concern for most companies. Yes, hackers shouldn't do what they do, but the onus really is on you to tell companies what you think of their security practices and data protection.

P.S. If anyone gets an email from a certain "subconscious slave" (not his Kinja-verse username, at least as far as I'm aware of) or "Smolder Extremely Potent Plant" (as it shows as his name) then that's Jeff. Just delete it. But you're all adults here I assume. You can do what you want with his email and email address. I advocate nothing!


And to end on a positive/funny note here are some people who believe in nothing.

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