I have only one thing to say. ALL THE GODDAMN FEELS.

Jesus, i don't know where to begin.... but in true Fringe fashion, lets change it up and work backward! :p

Lil'bit disappointed about the whole reset angle. Bit only a little bit.

And my only other disappointment was that they had clearly made the observer a little too powerful and thus it made me wince more than once to witness their badassability was tied directly to the need of the plot. Not really all that smooth, guys...

But everything else that came before and after...?


That scene in the final episode with Peter and Walter? yeah, i'm still crying.

September? Christ, I wasn't expecting that at all... and he played it bloody brilliantly. Windmark was suitably menacing and whilst it wasn't explained per se, the whole 'off' Observer thing was waaaay more central than i ever thought, leading back to threads all the way from season 1.

These past 13 episodes have been fantastic viewing, especially from a tying things up perspective. I haven't felt this wrung out/satisfied since I watched the Babylon 5 finale, though.


Going back a little further, the wrapping up of Season 4 and the two universes was great viewing. Some of it was telegraphed and some of it came out of the left field something fierce but all of it, as they learned more about each other, discovering that maybe nobody was quite as weak/damaged/evil/strong as they thought they were...

And William Bell's plan? well, he gets points for ambition.


Slight side note: does Nimoy wear contacts, in general, i mean? because watching him in this, I couldn't stop staring at his eyes. He has the most dead, fathomless eyes I have ever seen, and not in an uncanny valley kinda way...just these weird 'holes' for lack of a better term. I checked out his bit in Star Trek 09 and it seems to be there as well... am i just seeing (fucked up) thing?

Kinda felt bad for the real star of the show, Walter's brain. That bit of meat has been sliced, diced and stir-fried so many times, i'm surprised he can even stand up. Although, i suspect he doesn't actually have a weak bladder at all....


Walter, you were amazing. Even when you were batshit insane, you were a genius. I'm pretty sure two universes were actually revolving around you more than once so frankly, I dont blame you for dropping as much LSD as you did. I'd be pretty fucking stressed as well.

Peter and Olivia? Man, I was a bit shaky about how their relationship was being written at first but once the writers decided to dive right in, they did me proud.


A couple in love that still remained smart, skilled, etc, basically, the same people they had always been, but with a new aspect and when one of them did lose they way somewhat (Have you learned nothing from your father, Peter?) they still loved each and he listened to her enough to give up his path of destruction...

Astrid? Man, tech support never had it so good... she was on fire and whilst I didn't get as many Walter/Astrid moments as I would have liked, the ones i did was just amazing to watch.


Fauxlivia? She's like the mirror-universe that uses a shitty mirror. Sure the differences are they, enough to fool you into thinking she has a goatee but really, she marshmallow on the inside.

Plus, 'older' Fauxliva with the red/grey hair was hot.

Nice to see Lincoln Lee again, even if he just looked like he'd taken a talcum powder bath as opposed to actually getting old. Kinda wish he'd fallen for Fauxlivia without having kinda been interested in Oliva cause that feels a little creepy...but only a little and it was a nice switch up having him stay on the other side.


I'm kinda wrung out now...mentally, emotionally, custardcreamily...

You know, I think watching entire seasons of a single show back to back has something to be said for it... I've been pretty much living and breathing these people for several weeks now.


Even goddamn dreaming this show, if i'm brutally honest.

And damn if i'm not gonna miss them.

I'm definitely going back to the start and watching it again, but i'll do it slowly, just randomly, when i'm in the mood.


Thank you, producer/writer/studio people, for doing Fringe. I feel kinda bad not watching it the first time round but I had reasons. that said, I've watched it now and you series ranks immensely high on my list of all-time great shows.

Babylon 5 and Person of Interest definitely rank higher but I think you could hold your own in a fight for third against any of the other shows on my list.

This is me, signing off.