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From A to Z, in the 80s Alphabet (Part 1) - "A"

Yes, I’m bored again. I had so much fun with this post yesterday I thought I’d try a personal challenge.

I’m going to try running through a letter of the alphabet each day for the next 26 days, posting my favorite song of an Eighties band whose name begins with that day’s letter, along with a bit of my usual arglebargle as commentary. (For purposes of these posts, “the Eighties” is defined as the musical period running from about 1976 to 1992, because these things tend to be personal and subjective. And because I said so.)


(Slight ulterior motive: I’m also curious to see if putting too much linkylink in a series of these things will cause the Kinja Ninja to clothesline me.)

So, without further ado-doo:

A is for Adam and the Ants

I think I liked a total of two Ants songs, and this is my favorite. Sue me, I enjoy horn sections and the occasional quirky guitar passage. The video has an added bonus: the reporter was played by B-movie scream queen Caroline Munro. I had a monster (heh) crush on her at the time. That streak of blonde hair, those... ummm... what were we talking about, again?

Feel free to post your own “A” stuff in the comments! (Doesn’t have to be 80s, doesn’t even have to be music — surprise me!)

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