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From A to Z, in the 80s Alphabet (Part 12) - "L"

Well, it took nearly half the projected length of this series of posts, but I think our first controversy’s a’ brewin’ (the first one I’ve started, anyways). There’s a fairly obvious choice for “L”, but... well...

I just don’t care for them that much.

I will feature my favorite song by them in the bonus quote. I don’t hate ‘em, just kinda “meh” about them in general. So...

L is for Level 42

This was their only real hit State-side. I like it.

Geez, I feel like I just kicked a basket full of puppies, when all it comes down to is, “Ehhh, not a real big fan” of the other artist. Cheer me up, guys!


Bonus “That Shoulda Been In ‘B’!!” Track:

Just because he’s one of my favorite maniacs. :)

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