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We’re halfway home! Never coulda done it without yez! :)

Too many M’s!! Just take it for granted that the two bands below are merely representative. Hell, “M” is an 80s artist!

I expect the comments on this letter will be lengthy.

M is for Madness

They’re probably best known for “Our House” here in the States, but I was introduced to them via this slice of ska-flavored goofiness from their 1979 debut album. “Hey, you! Don’t watch dat, watch dis!


M is also for Men At Work

These guys had an impressive string of international hits in the 80s, like this and this and of course this; but the above was the first song of theirs I heard, and it’s still my favorite. What can I say, I’m partial to saxophones and paranoia.

Tomorrow will probably offer way too many choices, too. See you then!

Note: Today’s bonus quote is a lousy cheat, because it’s outside even my liberal definition of the 80s. But I’m curious to see if anyone can identify the artist, so I’ll leave it.


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