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From A to Z, in the 80s Alphabet (Part 2) - "B"

As threatened yesterday, we’re back, this time with a two-fer. Thanks and/or blame must go to leftinvt and mrsfinch, who asked so politely that their suggestions be considered. (It helped that I hadn’t decided yet on “B”.) Note that this will most likely not become a “thing” — I really do have most of these already planned out. (I may double up again, though, if you have a really good suggestion I missed.)

Look Out, incoming BBs!!

B is for The Buzzcocks

My favorite song from one of my favorite proto-punk (almost pre-punk) bands, on Top Of The Pops in 1979 (I didn’t discover them until several years later). O-Deckers may remember Ash’s version of this from the closing credits of Shaun of the Dead.


B is also for Bow Wow Wow

A fun remake of this song by The Strangeloves. The band’s first real release caused some controversy due to the cover: lead singer Annabella Lwin appeared on it nude (a live recreation of a Manet painting). NSFW image, but it’s really pretty tame by internet standards — until you hear that Lwin was only 15 years old at the time. Anyone immediately associating this with the name “Malcolm McLaren” is likely guilty of reading entirely too damn much Creem magazine in their formative years.

...Well, dang. Only the second of these things and already I’m getting slightly pedantic. Let’s fix that:

Pssst! There’s a sekrit message hidden in this post!

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