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From A to Z, in the 80s Alphabet (Part 20) - "T"

Hello again, finally! Thanks for all the get-well wishes, I’m feeling better and will try to get at least one or two more of these in drafts tonight to stay current!

Wow, “T”... not only are there too many good bands, most of them have too many good songs! (As it is, I’m relegating one of my favorite bands to the bonus quote to make room for another personal favorite.) By the way, “The <band name>“ does not count as a “T” entry, save for one notable exception... (I’m certain someone will get that.)

T is for Talking Heads

Way, way, way too many songs to choose from here — post your own favorites in the comments, if you like! I picked the song off Little Creatures everyone seems to forget (they didn’t even put it on the “Best Of” CD!). Another band featuring my second-favorite bass player and her hubbie would be eligible this time, as well — but I’ll let someone else use them.


T is also for ‘Til Tuesday

Love this song! Great video, too (that boyfriend, what an asswad)! This was their biggest hit, but bassist/vocalist Aimee Mann has gone on to a critically-acclaimed solo career, writing and recording things like this heartbreaking number from 2005's The Forgotten Arm. If that one doesn’t at least make you tear up a bit, something may be broken inside you.

“Portuguese for a Day Week!” Bonus Content:

kalaeth’s on vacation and away from his computer, so I’m channeling him through methods both arcane and unspeakable (oh, all right, he axed me on G+) for (probably) the rest of the series:

T: a three for one today! First, from 1985 up till today, Tarantula, good old heavy! They have a cd that is all about Portugal, The Kingdom of Lusitania and from there comes this Earthquake :

In the more pop side of the 80s we have Taxi with Chiclete (that’s Cab with Chewing Gum, dunno if you guys have Chiclete there). The music makes fun of ready for consuption music, the chorus being “chew it and throw it away” :

And finally, another band from the 70s, Genesis inspired prog. In 1980 they launched a album in english and disbanded in 81 (to reform again in 98), Tantra, with “Uktimo Raio do Astro Rei”, “the last ray from the king of stars” or “last ray of sunshine” :

See “U” soon! ;)

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