Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Unlike yesterday, today’s choices are a bit sparse. Why is it always the vowels?

As a result, we’re going single entry again, to give you guys a chance to find what’s out there (and, it hardly needs to be repeated, because I’m really lazy).


This is another one of those you probably saw coming:

U is for U2

People tend to forget that (at least in the States) U2 really weren’t that big a deal till Live Aid and The Joshua Tree. I actually saw them in concert in 1982(?), opening for The J. Geils Band, and the two main things I remember about their performance are: (1) the only song of theirs I’d heard till then was “Gloria”; and (2) Bono climbed the stacks at one point and damn near fell off. That’s almost akin to seeing The Silver Beatles playing at a Hamburg rathskeller wearing toilet seats around their necks.


Your Bonus Dose of Second-Hand Kalaeth:

(Yeesh, probably could’ve phrased that a bit better...)

U: The self proclaimed Portuguese Jim Morrisinon and his bandm, the UHF. This is a popular song they covered into a rock tune, “Menina Estás à Janela”, “Little girl, you are at the window” :

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

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