Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hello again!

Today’s installment will be fairly predictable, but what do you do? I didn’t make the majority of English-speaking bands follow the ETAOIN SHRDLU averages when they named themselves!


Onward to the obvious!

V is for Van Halen

As Rolling Stone once famously stated in a review, “If you don’t like Van Halen, you’re wrong.” (Not getting into the Dave/Sammy argument here, even on a bet.)


I chose the Orbison cover for a number of reasons. It features Edward’s awesome “Intruder” intro. The video is hilariously and purposefully cheesetastic. And there’s a chance you’ve never seen it, since MTV “banned” it not long after first running it, supposedly for the “controversial” last few seconds — but c’mon, it’s nothing U____ M_____* hadn’t done thirty years previously.

*redacted for possible spoilerage

V is also for The Vapors

One-hit wonder time (though I also quite like “Spiders”).

The band still insists this song is not about masturbation. If you say so, guys...


Kalaeth’s Bonus Content:

V: Not one but 2 bands of 80's metal for you all! First, Vasco da Gama, named after the Portuguese explorer that found the sea patch to India with “Morte”, “death” from their self-titled and only album (published in the year I was born!) :

And then, from 1984 ‘till 1994 there was V12. They also only had one album, also self titled and I’m not quite sure which song to pick.. Ok, I’ll go for a live one, Comandos! (I’d love to find this with better quality, but it will have to do) :

Tune in tomorrow!


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