Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Welcome back! Unlike yesterday, there are plenty of choices for today’s letter! I’ll limit myself to my usual two and the bonus quote.

(I won’t lie — this has been a blast, but I will be very relieved when “Z-Day” arrives, and I can go back to just being snarky on other people’s posts!)


W is for Was (Not Was)

Techno-funk, Electrojazz R&B... whatever you want to call it, these guys were great! They first garnered critical acclaim with 1980's “Wheel Me Out”, but their biggest commercial success came with 1988's What Up, Dog?, featuring the above and “Spy In The House Of Love”. They also had a history of using some really interesting guest artists, like — oh, I’ll just let it be a surprise.


W is also for Joe Walsh

You might think of Joe as more of a 70s artist, considering his James Gang work and his early solo albums. But he was very active in the 80s as well, both solo and with the Eagles. Instead of the predictable “Life’s Been Good” I chose this, because I like this version better than the Eagles’ recording on The Long Run, and because it’s the end theme of one of my favorite 80s movies. Also, it gives me an excuse to use this gif:


(Also can’t resist linking this slightly NSFW song off You Bought It — You Name It.)

More Kalaeth Bonus Content:

W: And now, another 80's metal band! From 1986, Web. The only recorded their fist demo in 1994, and launched their cd only in 2005 (it took them 19years to record a album, that ‘s how not easy it is to get a deal here), but this track is from that first demo :

Only three more letters to go!

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