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From A to Z, in the 80s Alphabet (Part 25) - "Y"

We got through “X”! Good job, all!

“Y” isn’t going to be quite as bad, but it’s still pretty barren. Which is why I’m limiting myself to one semi-obscure entry and leaving the obvious ones for others. Have fun!

Y is for Yello

I knew about these Swiss electro-weirdos in the 70s, but only because I got the Rhino Records back catalog in the mail. This song became a surprise hit for them, partially because it was featured in the soundtrack of every other frickin’ movie of the decade. (Well, two, anyway — bonus points if you can recall the other one.)


Y, Kalaeth, Y?

(Actually, this track’s pretty good, I’m just being silly.)

Y- As I had explained way back, Y was not even in the alphabet back in the 80's 90's. So... The youngest portuguse Y band is Yellow W Van, from 99. This is from their first CD (in 2002), Mundo Perfeito, aka Perfect World: Funkfumaça somethin like “smoked funk” :

One more and done!

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