Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

We got through “X”! Good job, all!

“Y” isn’t going to be quite as bad, but it’s still pretty barren. Which is why I’m limiting myself to one semi-obscure entry and leaving the obvious ones for others. Have fun!

Y is for Yello

I knew about these Swiss electro-weirdos in the 70s, but only because I got the Rhino Records back catalog in the mail. This song became a surprise hit for them, partially because it was featured in the soundtrack of every other frickin’ movie of the decade. (Well, two, anyway — bonus points if you can recall the other one.)


Y, Kalaeth, Y?

(Actually, this track’s pretty good, I’m just being silly.)

Y- As I had explained way back, Y was not even in the alphabet back in the 80's 90's. So... The youngest portuguse Y band is Yellow W Van, from 99. This is from their first CD (in 2002), Mundo Perfeito, aka Perfect World: Funkfumaça somethin like “smoked funk” :

One more and done!

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