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From A to Z, in the 80s Alphabet (Part 26) - "Z"

“And now the end is near / And so I face the final curtain...”

Whaddaya mean, Zinatra starts with an “S”?!

I wanted to make this last entry at least a double, but... well, “Z” is another one of those letters. If I put two or three bands up, there’d be damn little left for the rest of you. So I will play the “one obvious” card one last time:

Z is for ZZ Top

Heh. Frank Beard’s the only guy in the band without one. Weird.

“The little band from Texas” got their start in the 70s, of course, but they had a huge presence in the 80s. Perhaps typically, my favorite song off their Eliminator album was the power ballad. I could have used “Pearl Necklace” from El Loco, but I just wasn’t feeling double entendre-y enough.


Kalaeth’s Final Selection

(...in this series of posts; I’m just being overly dramatic. Gravitas, doncha know...)

Z: I had to dig a bit for this, but here’s Zoom. Apparently (I’ve never heard of them before), two of them are members from one of my S entry and the singer is apparently already dead (that’s all it says about her) From 1985, and if I had done it in purpose I could have picked a song with a better name, “This Will Be The Last Time” :

Thanks again to everyone who participated in (or just got some enjoyment out of) this series of posts! I started it mainly to see if I could actually finish, but I had a great deal of fun along the way!

Here, grab a few Z’s, you’ve earned ‘em:


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