Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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From A to Z, in the 80s Alphabet (Part 4) - "D"

Yesterday’s post was uncharacteristically serious. I think you can safely say I’m about to rectify that...


Yikes, another “two for the price of one” entry! There’s just so much good stuff to choose from...

Well, I’ll cut the intro short, I know you’re dying to see some double-Ds (sorry, but how could I resist?):

D is for Doug and the Slugs

Canadian Gawkerites are probably more familiar with these guys. They are my favorite 80s 60s band (give it a minute). I found out while researching this that lead singer Doug Bennett passed away in 2004. Makes me sad — he had a wonderful, one-of-a-kind voice...


MTV wussily edited the video of this song to cut out the “mock suicide” (they had a history of that). “Too Bad” was also used as the theme of Norm MacDonald’s short-lived sitcom. Here’s another favorite track.

D is also for DEVO

Booji Boy!

No foolin’, this really is my favorite Devo song! It’s from an (I think) underrated 1983 Dan Ackroyd comedy. Co-starring Fran Drescher, Howard Hesseman and James Brown!


If that isn’t enough crazy for you, this 1984 Hendrix cover should fry your synapses quite nicely.

See you guys tomorrow! :)

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