Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Unlike my last few posts, this one’s a single, partly due to “E” being relatively slim pickings, and partly just ‘cause I’m tired — “What the frak was I thinking??” is rapidly setting in. But I will persevere. For the children.

(For anyone interested, here’s my cheat sheet and memory jogger.)

I also just realized I could get these things to auto-post by setting the timestamp slightly ahead in draft mode, so I’m doing that from now on. I doubt I’ll be online much today, consider this installment “self-serve” and knock yourselves out. :)


E is for Eurythmics

I LOVE Annie Lennox!

For anyone who’s slightly disappointed at my choice, remember, this is my
favorite song by the band. So here’s your Sweet Dreams.

Everybody else, post your “Final Countdown” links in the comments (I know it’s coming).

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