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Last time I didn’t quite phone it in, but it was a short post, so we’re doubling up again today.

For anyone just now finding these silly things, you can follow the “Related Post” links back in reverse-alphabetical order, if you’re interested.


(P.S., has no one found the daily “bonus” song quote on their own yet? I refuse to believe I was the first person to think of this...)

F is for Fine Young Cannibals

After The Beat (known as The English Beat in the U.S., so I’ve unforgivably skipped ‘em twice) broke up, two of their ex-members formed this band, along with lead singer Roland Gift. This song got a lot of play on MTV, but their later stuff got somewhat short shrift state-side (ooohh, alliterative!), including this awesome Elvis cover.

And I’m giving them rather short shrift myself, because

F is also for Faith No More

This is the song I extended the 80s to ‘92 to include! Almost everyone’s heard “Epic”, and almost everyone’s heard of lead singer and one-man larynx orchestra Mike Patton. But after the success of 1989's The Real Thing, the band chose to go in a very different creative direction. And some of the more traditional metalheads in their fan base said, “Not like!!”


Their follow-up album, Angel Dust, is brilliant, eclectic and challenging. Besides the above, it features great stuff like “A Small Victory”. Also, a song titled “Jizzlobber”.

Their label execs also mostly said, “Not like!!” The band didn’t help matters by next releasing an EP featuring a German beer-hall song and this mostly-played-straight Commodores cover.


The band broke up in 1998, but reunited recently for a tour. Patton continues to be scarily brilliant on many, many side projects, mostly for his own Ipecac label. My favorite is Fantômas, whose 2001 album The Director’s Cut was all Patton-arranged versions of suspense and horror movie theme music. I never would have guessed I was waiting to hear a thrash version of the theme from The Godfather, but be damned if I wasn’t. Twin Peaks fans might especially appreciate this track.

Well, enough, except to assure you: the fish lived. (I thought the Björk story was just the band messing with us till I read this.)


I’ll try to be a bit less long-winded tomorrow! ;)


kalaeth asked me to post this for him via G+:

Mister Mustache, I wont be around a computer tomorrow so I’ll have to count on you to post for me on your challenge. Is that acceptable? If so, here’s my entry for tomorrow : Ferro & Fogo - Gaja Marada (1982) They are “Iron and Fire” and the song is called “Crazy Bitch”. They are a heavy metal band that for a brief time in the 80s played original but have been almost always a cover band (they have quite a few iron maiden covers)

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