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As promised, today’s entry is quite a bit shorter — mostly because I’m drawing a blank on the letter “G”!

(I’m sure you guys will dredge up enough good stuff to have me smacking myself in the forehead, though!)


Remember, you don’t have to post a song — TV, movies, toys, anything 80's starting with “G” is welcome, I’m ridiculously easy to please! ;)

G is for Peter Gabriel

Yeah, most of his work with Genesis was pre-80s, but he really hit his stride and critical acclaim as a solo artist in this decade. My pick probably showcases him at his goofiest — the song and video are just fun, dad blast it! The song itself is about, of course, road repair.*

All right, time for you to tell me all the cool stuff I forgot in the comments! ;D

*I was kidding, it’s obviously about beekeeping!

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