Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Yesterday I really did phone it in! Put it down to lack of sleep and a minor flu-bug-like thingie. There were so many good artists I should have included — thanks to everyone who helped remind me!


I could easily triple- or quadruple-list today, but I’m still tired, so we’ll just even it up... or will we? ;)

Bonus HBTM Track: In honor of Birthday Buddy Herb Alpert. Don’t go to the disco, Laura, it’s a trap!! (Anyone who gets that reference is probably a member of the Port Charles JayCees...)

H is for Huey Lewis & The News

A quintessential 80s band if there ever was one. Bonus genre points for the McFly connection, and the fact that the title of their 1983 album Sports was primarily meant in the genetic sense.


I also picked this track because of the controversy concerning this here movie theme song’s suspicious similarity. Listen to ‘em both and decide for yourself. Bad Ray Parker, Jr., bad!

(And, of course, the obligatory “Weird Al” parody...)

And now, in a blatant attempt to get my New Wave street cred back:

H is also for The Human League

I just like this track better than the more iconic “Don’t You Want Me”, but they’re both good songs. Bonus Video: The band performing “Love Action” on Top Of The Pops in 1981.


Well, I hope I’ve sufficiently made up for yesterday! As always, post your 80s stuff in the comments if you feel the need! :)

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