Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hello again!

Today’s installment is another short one - didn’t figure “I” would be so sparse. I’ll be relying on you guys to take up the slack again. :)


So, my pick this time is intentionally a “well, of course” choice:

I is for INXS

Yes, I’m even going with the obvious song. It was almost literally written and recorded at the last minute, in one day, because the producer of 1985's Listen Like Thieves was worried the album didn’t have a “hit”. It became the band’s first Top 10 single in the U.S.

(Singer Michael Hutchence reportedly didn’t much care for the track.)

...well, at least tomorrow’s entry promises to be a bit fuller, lots of stuff to work with in “J” — see you then! :)


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