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You guys/gals know I love all things Android related and sharing what I can with you all and I've got a special one for you today. This is Gizmodo's most popular Android related downloads and post for 2014.

I wanted to share it in case there's anything in there that catches your eyes and I know some of it is stuff I've covered separately on my own here on the Odeck.

If you have the time, not too mention the inclination, and haven't already seen these before or seen me discuss some of them go ahead and check them out. Plenty of interesting stuff in there and if there's any questions, comments or thoughts you all know where to find me. Around. I'm always around. Or to quote one of my favorite lines from The Boondock Saints...

Also, if you haven't seen The Boondock Saints, either part (since there's a sequel as well), you really need to get on that. Great movie! Very entertaining. I personally preferred the FBI agent who helps them in the first film over the one in the second film though, but that might just be because who doesn't think Willem Dafoe kicks ass over anyone else.


But back on topic, seriously check out these posts because you'll definitely get something out of them.

As for the Tinkering Thursday posts, been awhile since I did one but I'm calling it right now you will officially get one next Thursday. I don't care if I have to chain myself to my work/play area at home to do it.

And that's all for now, kiddos!

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