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From the Depths Of My Amazon Playlist, It's Atlantic Rim!

The acting was generally bad. The story worse. The CGI is best described as there. Overall I have to say I enjoyed it. 6.5 Cheap Chinese Knockoff Robots out of 10.

To be honest I expected it to be bad, it’s a movie made by The Asylum. The people that make things like Sharknado and tons of “Mockbuster” movies. Because of that I can’t really judge it by the same standards of an actual big screen release movie that had no excuse to be bad (clears throat, mutters something like Michael Bay). Movies like this are best enjoyed when you remember the makers of it are in on the joke with you, just sit back and relax and don’t take it seriously.


Since these Mockbusters are usually kind of phoned in and rushed, I think I’ll do the same and handle the review/recap in a Fictitiously Asked Question format, my own version of FAQ.

Who would be in something like this?

Well top billing went to David Chokachi who played Cody Madison on “Baywatch” a character that managed to have abs that had abs of their own. In Atlantic Rim he plays Red, a military man that somehow manages to stay in the military even though he spends the movie drunk or drinking.


The most notable actor would be Graham Greene who’s most know for “Dances With Wolves” He actually is still in a middle a good career, so I don’t know why he did this other than he thought, “What the hell, I got a few free weeks as long as the check clears.” For the most part he spends the movie just saying vaguely military things at other people in uniform. Side note, for my money I still think Graham’s best role is Edgar Montrose local demolition(explosion) expert from the Red Green Show.

After that the rest of the cast is full of people that you may recognize if you, like me, have spent too much time watching SyFy on a Saturday afternoon. I will give Anthony ‘Treach’ Criss credit for playing Lieutenant Jim Rushing, the pilot of the blue M-Bot, he actually was one of the few characters that showed any depth during the story.


Wasn’t this just a Pacific Rim ripoff?

Well, duh. Then again it’s not like Pacific Rim didn’t borrow either. Really the story line plays out more like Godzilla mixed with Pacific Rim and some scenes being pretty obviously inspired by what they saw in the Pacific Rim trailers shoe horned in.


How bad are the CGI and Special Effects?


Pretty much on par with the Fox Football Robot.


Why would anybody watch this?

Please pick one of the following.

  • I enjoy watching big gigantic things punching other big gigantic things.
  • Better than reruns, seriously how many times can TBS re air the same Big Bang Theory and Two Broke Girls episodes?
  • I have a thing for making bad decisions.
  • I find this movie more believable than the current election.
  • Thanks to Prime, I pay Amazon the same if I watch one movie or one hundred movies.
  • When you remind yourself it’s meant to be low budget and stupid it’s actually fun to watch.
  • There have been a lot of movies with a lot more going for them that ended up truly bad.

If I do watch this, what food goes the best with the movie?

Cheap frozen pizza, and store brand soda. Or maybe a cheap beer or two.

Why did they go with that movie poster, they don’t even fight aliens?

I don’t know why Amazon used that image when they had better ones to choose from.


Are you done yet?


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