So it has arrived. Our last season of Futurama. Or is it? In this new Golden Age of Netflix I am suspicious of cult shows being ‘cancelled.’ But until I am otherwise told, let us assume this will be our last chance to dance with Bender, have tea with Morbo or pick up Nibbler’s (incredibly dense) crap.

**Note: I apparently missed the fact that there was an episode before this one. I assume there won't be continuity errors if I watch them slightly out of order. I'll do a recap of the first one if I get enough people stroking my ego- I mean, responding favourably**

Futurama: Watch it or Die Trying.

We open upon our beloved Plant Express Headquarters. The crew is in the locker room, celebrating another successful day at work. Hermes, wearing some sort of Zoot Suit, comments that no one got hurt. Cue Zoidberg getting pummeled by bowling balls from a conveniently placed bowling ball bookshelf. No one cares. Poor Zoidberg.

Leela and Fry over exaggerate about how they definitely will not be seeing each other until the morning. Awww. They’re in their “together” phase! Worse than Ross and Rachel, these two.


The Professor joins them and locks up the place with a hearty “Good night, everyone!” in that voice you all know and love. Amy is curious: doesn’t the professor live here? Where is he going?

Full of confidence, the Professor says he doesn’t know and struts down the street in his fancy fedora.


We come back to the locker room where Leela has been playing stow-away. She asks aloud for Fry, who also emerges from a locker, but wearing a Zap Brannigan-esque smoking jacket.

They go for a date on the ship, where Fry has done a rather excellent job of creating a romantic dining atmosphere with post-its and beakers. He made ramen, Xerox-blackened chicken and Cherry Throat Lozenge Jubilee for dessert. Ha. There also appear to be highlighters dangling from the ceiling. (Full disclosure: I love office supplies, so this would TOTALLY work on me!)

Ha! Scruffy is being all creepster in the background. “Pay me no mind.” He says. If Scruffy could just say ‘turlet’ once more this season I won’t ask for anything else. Well, maybe for the robot devil.


Fry and Leela leave the ship and go for a walk in Central Park. Leela wonders why they’re the only couple in this dark, unlit part of the park on Batman’s day off. Hee! When, out from the bushes, pops…

Bender! Yay, Bender. He is in ‘mugging’ mode with a trench coat and a ski mask. He recognizes them and still demands money, because he is on his nightly crime spree. Leela beats him up, as Leela is wont to do. They knock him out and open his DELIGHTFUL chest cavity and steal all his hard-earned mugging treasure.

They promptly head to Elzar’s, where tonight’s special is “Them! Any style!” Apparently, ‘them’ are giant ants that are eaten like lobsters.


Speaking of lobsters… Zoidberg! He is apparently the bus boy. And being all Zoidberg-y all over the place. Leela and Fry promptly ditch this popsicle stand and head to Leela’s place. I wonder who will interrupt them there? My bet is Amy.

They start to get biz-zay on the couch but Fry has concerns over Nibbler watching them. Ha. Welcome to pets and their incessant staring. Leela wonders why they just can’t be alone? Then her wrist-dealy (did we ever get an official name for that?) blips and up comes a very specific ad for a really-cool sounding resort: automated shuttle, no employees, and only one couple at a time. Obviously it’s a murder hole, but I wonder how that will be discovered. Leela remarks that she was there before, with her old boyfriend Shawn. But, you know, it was ancient history. FORESHADOW ALERT.

Back to work! Bender drives some old cars that The Planet of the Apes (and the monkeys. And tarsiers. And lemurs.) ordered. Since no humans are allowed on the “Planet of all Primates, Really” Bender will be helping, Zoidberg will become the new Fry (“That guy! With the red jacket and the walking on sunshine!”) and Amy in marmoset pyjamas will be piloting the ship.


Fry and Leela arrive at the glorious Resort Murderhole. Begloved robot hands are just everywhere, unpacking clothes, refilling glasses, giving pedicures and picking noses. Apparently they help you chew your food for you, too. After Fry tries to make a daisy chain crown using pineapples, we find our lovely couple snuggling by the waterfall at night. They decide to go skinny dipping and play Marco Polo. Obviously.

Then some stranger’s voice answers Marco’s call. Who could it be? Could it be Shawn, who was alluded to just five minutes ago? Is it… IT IS.

He promptly joins the skinny dipping.

How is he here, by the way? He was on his last day of vacation but the shuttle broke down. He scored some free drink tickets! Perhaps Leela would like to buy one from him? No? Fry?


Leela introduces Fry as… what exactly are they? Fry correctly points out that they are nude and interrupted. HA. Leela and Shawn go to the robo-bar to catch up.

On to Simian 7, the Plane of Most Primates. The ship parks at Bonobo and Associates. Bender wonders what a simian legal team want with all these old cars. A Gorilla Lawyer yells from the window that all they want are the tires. The new office chairs are in! The whole team looks very excited. They rush outside and start tearing the tires off the cars.

A baboon signs for the delivery and starts hitting on MarmosAmy, as some smaller monkey in a hat comes by and OH MY GOD IT’S GUNTHER!! THEY BROUGHT BACK GUNTHER! Episode is now rated like, 10 points higher automatically. Gunther and Amy say hi and catch up. Gunther works in financial services, helping rich people realize their dreams. Awww.


Back to Resort Relationship Bottleneck! Apparently, this is the musician boyfriend Leela used to talk about. You know, the one who would play sax naked on her couch all day? Yeah, he’s exactly as bro-ish as you think he is. He plays his sax for Leela and she gets bored real fast. Watching people ‘jam’ is never quite as interesting as the musician thinks it is. Fry, getting all the drunker, is watching from the distance. He just wanted to spend some time with the woman he loved! But she’s talking to her ex-boyfriend and he’s stuck by himself with these incredible mechanical hands. Fry makes an obvious joke and hands go away quickly.

Fry challenges Shawn for his lady love, and breaks the reed of Shawn’s sax. That costs A WHOLE DOLLAR, Fry, HOW COULD YOU?

We see a red head comer up and demand answers from Shawn. Apparently, this is Shawn’s wife Darlene and they met at the 99 cent store. Hee.


Darlene and Leela do some sniping that Leela wins at (“Hooter hammock” wins at everything) but the shuttle is fixed and Shawn and wife can GO. Thank the Space Pope. Fry is drunk and angry and he’s going to eat all this peanut butter.

Monkey Planet! There is a cute sight gag about the Blue Ass Group show. Hey, does the Blue Man Group still exist?

Get ready for a bunch more monkey jokes! Instead of people tubves, they get around with monkey bars. And instead of Columbus Circle, it’s Colobus Circle. This sure isn’t “Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off” but I’m feeling generous so I will giggle.


Apparently the monkeys left earth for this new world because they tired of being experimented on, chained to organ grinders and forced to drive tiny cars. They go to a all-you-can-pick diner and Amy correctly points out that it was gross to not use the tongs when picking bugs off the other monkeys, Gunther. Next stop: Smithsimian Museum. That’s an OK, pun, but my patience is wearing thin. Their zoo is nice, though.

Leela is sitting on the bed, while the mechanical arms rub her shoulders and dry her tears. Fry comes in and apologizes for his anger. Fry and Leela make up and make out. The sky seems to flash as if pictures are being taken…

Because they are! We see MarmosAmy, Bender, Zoidberg, Gunther and other Zoo goers looking at Fry and Leela. Because (dun dun DUN) this is the HUMAN EXHIBIT at the zoo! Huh. I wasn’t expecting the storylines to intersect. Bender whips out the “Oh. Your. God!” and if this season is going to be 75% ‘best of our past seasons’ I won’t be mad.


They go the zoo director (DOCTOR BANJO?) and demand freedom for Fry and Leela. But their the most popluar pair ever, says Doctor Banjo, especially the male! He seems so confused by zippers! Bender, in pretty much my favourite line of the night, “As much fun as it is to watch Fry try to operate his pants, you can’t keep Leela and Fry there against their will!”

Doc correctly points out that they paid to be there, as have other humans, including La Barabara and Barbados Slim. Ha. As the zoo noticed Shawn came with his new female mate, they quickly invited Leela back so they could observe the social behaviours.

MarmosAmy doesn’t care! You can’t put people on display like that! Doctor Banjo says screw you, humans did to us for years! Bender points out, yeah, humans our idiots but these ones are our friends.


And then we hear Fry and Leela bad mouth all their friends, especially that monkey we haven’t seen in years, Gunther. And now Amy has been outed as a human! On the run they go.

They escape into the praries elephants exhibit and OMY MY GOD I WANT ONE. They appear to also go through some of the best creatures we’ve seen throughout the years, including Fry’s Bone Vampire, and the Tunneling Horror, and that one-eyed red one that I can’t place right now. Yeah, they get eaten by the tunneling horror (Moonworm?).

One week later, they emerge from the other end of the worm, no worse for wear. They run to the human exhibit to rescue Fry ad Leela, who have just left via the shuttle. We leave with a shot of a monkey smoking and hosing down the exhibit. Ha.


Back home! Fry regales the others of the magical mechanical hands and how you could request a strawberry shortcake at any time of day. Ok, now I want to go there. I’m fine with being part of a zoo.

Bender begs Amy to let him tell Fry and Leela about the zoo part, but Amy says no, that would be too embarrassing. Until Leela brings up the Marmoset pyjamas. Now all bets are off.


So, it’s no “Hell is Other Robots” (best episode ever! Bender addicted to Electricity, PreacherBot, Robot Hell, Robot Devil, Singing! Dancing! Even a fiddle contest!), but I did enjoy myself. The non-stop zingers, they are not there!


But I will still watch it faithfully. Oh Futurama, I don’t want you to ever leave!