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There was a long discussion last night in this thread about about Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter’s donation to Trump/Trump’s charities and I wanted to post a link to G. Willow Wilson’s response to the news so it wasn’t lost in the comments (thanks to xeos for posting it).

Wilson writes very bluntly about the news and about all the questions it entails:

In an ordinary election cycle, I’d say that when the CEO of an entertainment company supports a conservative candidate while also fostering diverse creative talent within his company, it is a sign of a healthy democracy. Being a Republican is not a crime. However, this is not an ordinary election cycle, and Trump is not an ordinary Republican. The irony that Ms Marvel was launched on Perlmutter’s watch–while Donald Trump would like to prevent Muslims from even entering the United States–was not lost on the mainstream media, nor on me.


Fortunately, she says, she was already in California and discussed the situation with colleagues at Marvel. And she points out that while you could vote with your wallets (i.e. boycott Marvel comics), there is a Catch-22 with that:

People understand that in today’s world, we vote as much with our dollars as we do with our ballots. We don’t want the things we buy and enjoy to support bigotry and injustice. The real possibility of a Trump presidency is terrifying to those who would prefer not to live in a dystopian autocracy, and for obvious reasons, the idea that the CEO of Marvel supports Trump makes a lot of readers seriously concerned. Yet–frustratingly–boycotting books you love will not take a single dime out of Perlmutter’s pocket, much less out of Trump’s. It will, however, kill the books.

This is the great catch-22 of corporate art in any form. ( And it’s something I think about a lot.) It’s the flaw inherent in the system. There’s a lot I can’t say, so let me just say this: follow your conscience. I am going to continue to work on Ms Marvel, for the following reason: I have never, in my entire career, seen a character and a story light people up the way this has, and I need to see it through a little longer. (Unless of course I get fired for talking about this shit, in which case, it was nice meeting you all.)

(Emphasis mine.)

So that’s the opinion of one writer, of which I agree. She goes on to point out that what you can do is help donate to one of the charities that refused to be a political football, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). Although it won’t take money away from Perlmutter and Trump, it will give money to a much better cause.


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