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Game of Domes

"Where does your interest in the dark side come from?"

"I don't know. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you (laugh.)

"[Writing] is a compulsion. For one thing, when I was younger, my head was like a traffic jam, full of idea, and they were all jostling and they were all wanting to get out."


[CBS Sunday Morning, Jun 30,2013]

So what inspired Stephen King? Chester's Mill reflects Bridgton, Maine, where Stephen King lived in the '70s. I do hope the Bridgton citizens have better emergency planning!


"It sort of came to me, if I could put a dome over an American town, it would be a microcosm of what's going on in the world itself, we have finite resources and we really have nowhere to go."


What about the characters?

"I sort of like Barbie, because he's the hero, and everybody likes to be the hero I think, but whenever I'm writing about a character, I like that person, even Big Jim Rennie, who's not a very likeable person, because, really, we're all the heroes of our own lives, so I enjoy writing about all of them and try to inhabit them and make them as realistic as I can. The challenge is to be the women and the only way you can do that is by observing the women in one's own life. And I'd be a liar if I didn't say it's also kind of interesting and challenging to be a woman for a little while, it's like creative cross-dressing. (laughs)" [live chat]


Although there's no comparison with GoT's emotional punch, someone dies in every Dome ep. A quick check of those lost:

1.1 Pilot: Julia's husband, Linda's boss, a dog's owner, plus the cow.

1.2 Deputy Paul's shot in the air ricochets off the Dome and kills Deputy Freddy, brother of Linda's firefighter fiancee.


1.3 Linda kills Deputy Paul who killed Freddy

1.4 Bunch of folks die of meningitis

1.5 Big Jim kills his former friend, the reverend who heard "voices."

1.6 Nice bar lady gets killed by formerly-nice small-town boys

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