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Game of Thrones Nitpick of the Week

Spoilers ahoy for last night's episode…

I look forward to the months ahead of anchors-strafing-climbing-dudes memes, more cannibal-guy-getting-his-head-caved-in-with-a-hammer GIFs than you could watch in a thousand lifetimes and the phrase …with mastodons and giants and shit becoming a common expression.


An almost perfect episode—almost.

Now this poor bastard here. Blowing the horn to warn everybody, it makes sense. Except the mouthpiece looks metal, meaning that while trying to operate it on the mega-freezing, ultra-sub-zero Wall, his lips would stick to it like that toeheaded kid from Christmas Story's tongue on the schoolhouse flagpole.

Try explaining that injury to all your shit-talking Crow buds after the battle (although you can't because your tongue is all skinless.)

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