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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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This is a spoiler-filled chunk of text about the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones. If you have not read up to the first ten or so chapters of both A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, then this post is dark and full of terrors.


Three months ago I threw up this primer of sorts on who has been added to the cast, which characters will be in which episodes, and what parts of A Storm of Swords had not yet been adapted for Game of Thrones. This much shorter post, combining data from IMDB and my own guesswork, will focus more on which non-regular characters (this is defined as a character who did not appear in Season 3, or has been recast since then) will be appearing in which episodes of Season 4. It will attempt to update as episodes air and forecasts do and do not turn out to be accurate. Characters will be listed by the area of the world wherein they are expected to appear, with a note on if they are a new character, recast, or character being reintroduced into the show after an absence.

IMDB has a slight problem at the moment (or, rather, for the past few months) wherein many non-regular characters are claimed to be appearing in the first episode of the season. This is obviously being done to not spoil everything, but it means the character list for that episode is not going to be accurate until the episode has aired. Sorry about that.


S04S01 "Two Swords" Aired 6 April 2014
King's Landing: Ice [reintroduced after two season absence], Prince Oberyn Martell [new character], Ellaria Sand [new character], Lord Blackmont [new character, created for show], Dontos Hollard [reintroduced after one season absence], Morgan [new character, created for show], Savage [new character, created for show], two unnamed whores [new characters, created for show]
Castle Black: Ser Alliser Thorne [reintroduced after two season absence], Lord Janos Slynt [reintroduced after one season absence], Othell Yarwyck [recast, possibly!] Endrew Tarth [new character]
Essos, on way to Meereen: Daario Naharis [recast]
The Gift: Styr, the Magnar of Thenn [new character], Thenn warg [new character, created for show]
Inn at the Crossroads: Polliver [reintroduced after one season absence], Innkeeper [new character], Innkeeper's daughter [new character, created for show]

S04S02 "The Lion and the Rose" Aired 13 April 2014
King's Landing: Mace Tyrell [new character], Oberyn Martell, Ellaria Sand, Dontos Hollard, Tommen Baratheon [recast, reintroduced after one season absence], 3 musicians, 5 dwarves, three uncredited wedding guests [new characters, created for show]
In or Near the Dreadfort: Tansy [new character, created for show], Walda Bolton [new character]
Dragonstone: Axell Florent [new character]
North of the Wall: Three-eyed raven [voice only, uncredited]


S04S03 "Breaker of Chains" Aired 20 April 2014
King's Landing: Oberyn Martell, Ellaria Sand, Dontos Hollard, unnamed whore [new character, created for show]
The Gift: Styr, the Magnar of Thenn, Thenn warg, Olly, his father Guymon and his unnamed mother [new characters, created for show]
Castle Black: Night's Watch ranger [new character, created for show] and an uncredited Night's Watch Officer [new character, created for show]
Mole's Town: Mole's Town madam [new character, created for show], at least one Mole's Town whore [new character, created for show]
The Riverlands: Sally and her father [new characters, created for show]
Meereen: Three slave masters and at least one credited Meereenese slave [new characters, created for show], Hizdahr zo Loraq [new character] and his manservant [new character, created for show], Oznak zo Pahl [new character]

S04S04 "Oathkeeper" Aired 27 April 2014
Meereen: Slave master who gets killed, 3 slaves, 1 Unsullied [new characters, created for show]
Castle Black: Olly, uncredited Night's Watch Officer
North of the Wall: Morag Craster and at least 3 other "Craster's Wife" characters [new characters, created for show], a White Walker and a "leader" White Walker [new characters, one of whom might be from the books]


S04S05 "First of His Name" Aired 4 May 2014
King's Landing: Oberyn Martell, Mace Tyrell
The Vale: Donnel Waynwood [new character], Lysa Arryn [reintroduced after two season absence],Robin Arryn [reintroduced after two season absence]
North of the Wall: Morag Craster, another of Craster's wives

S04S06 "The Laws of Gods and Men " Aired 11 May 2014
King's Landing: Oberyn Martell, Mace Tyrell
Braavos: Tycho Nestoris [new character], Lhara and another Braavosi bathhouse prostitute [new characters, created for show], First Mate [new character, created for show]
Meereen: Hizdahr zo Loraq and his manservant, goatherd and his son [new characters, created for show]
Dreadfort: Ironborn in skiff, Bolton guard [new characters, created for show]


S04S07 "Mockingbird" Aired 18 May 2014
The Vale: Lysa Arryn, Robin Arryn
King's Landing: Oberyn Martell, Gregor Clegane [recast, reintroduced after one season absence]
The Riverlands: dying man [new character], Rorge and Biter [reintroduced after one season absence]

S04S08 "The Mountain and the Viper" Aired 1 June 2014
King's Landing: Oberyn Martell, Ellaria Sand, Gregor Clegane, Mace Tyrell, Daemon Sand [new character], Joss Stillwood [reintroduced after two season absence]
Mole's Town: Styr, Mole's Town madam, and Kegs, Black Jack Bulwer, and Mully [new characters]
The Vale: Donnel Waynwood, Robin Arryn, Bronze Yohn Royce [new character], Lady Anya Waynwood [new character], Ser Vance Corbray [new character, created for show]
Moat Cailin: Ralf Kenning [new character], Adrack Humble [new character]
Meereen: a little bird [new character, created for show]
Winterfell: reintroduced after one season absence!


S04S09 "The Watchers on the Wall" Aired 8 June 2014
Castle Black: Thenn Warg, Styr, Olly, and giant, Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg, Cooper, Donnel Hill, Hobb [new characters]

S04S10 "The Children" Aired 15 June 2014
Castle Black: giant, Olly
King's Landing: Gregor Clegane
North of the Wall: Child of the Forest [new character], Three-Eyed Raven [new character]
The Riverlands: Braavosi Captain [new character]
Meereen: Fennesz [new character], goatherd [new character]


Rumoured but did not appear
Meereen: Ben Plumm [new character]

Version 2.2: edited 17 June 2014; information from "The Children"

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